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   South Korea recently announced plans to roll out a 300mbps wireless infrastructure with plans to expand to 450mbps. On top of this, they have begun preparations for the future of telecommunications – a 5G network that boasts speeds of 1 GBPs slated to be commercially available in 2020 or six years’ time. Let’s put this into perspective. We crawl (relatively) at a snail’s pace with our 4G technology – current speeds for existing infrastructure caps out at about 75 mbps. SK Telecom and LG U+ are in development to roll out services 4-6 times faster that will utterly crush the US and the rest of the world under the heels of their shiny new Nikes.

   Economics aside, it’s no secret that people love technology, consumer technology in particular. Imagine then, that whatever you can access on your smart device through the internet is virtually instant – this is the seemingly inevitable goal of computing power and the expansion of information infrastructure. How much more value would we get out of our devices? How awesome would it be when the ability to download and view a HD or 4k film (30GB average size), in just under 4 minutes, is at our fingertips?

   For those of you that remember the dial-up modem days, this is what the internet will feel like in comparison. It’s not surprising then, that American citizens “in the know” are upset at paying ridiculously marked up prices for inferior telecommunications services – and these transactions are about to get a lot worse for consumers and businesses alike.

   It’s not all doom and gloom for our wireless infrastructure though. While the difference in country size between the US and South Korea is a key issue in the upgrading of infrastructure, with any hope, these moves by SK Telecom, LG, and others will galvanize competition. As more and more consumers become aware of emerging realities and possibilities of the internet, American telecom companies will take their cues and develop something to help us increase our rate of information exchange. We’d all love to be able to instantly stream 4k YouTube clips and Netflix movies. We’d all love to squeeze the maximum potential out of our tech and devices; its not only an American sentiment – it’s a human sentiment. More than anything, it’s just good business sense.

CES and Tech to Look Forward to in 2014!

 Tech is ubiquitous for most of us. It permeates everything from our jobs to our social lives. But for some of us, it is the culture of human progress. For the diehard tech-lovers, January and February are like Christmas. With CES kicking off in a huge way and The Mobile Congress following shortly thereafter, there’s a lot to be excited about in 2014. These events give us a brief opportunity to satisfy our techno-lust – an almost voyeuristic peek at what’s possible for tomorrow’s convenience, productivity and entertainment.

 From Solar cars to wearable tech that you’d actually wear, CES has quite a menu. That 4K TV you thought was out of your budget? Polaroid (yeah, that Polaroid) unveils a 50” model for $1000. Other competitors will offer 4K TVs for even less, and YouTube announced that 4k streaming is in the works. Finally, we get to watch cat videos and experience cuteness so crisp and clear they’ll sear our retinas! Hello eyegasm!

 Curved OLED TVs are also expected to be a big hit at the show, but the current price points suggest that only the wealthier segments of the population will be able to throw down $10,000 or more for the latest and largest models. The rest of us will stick to more realistic price tags, thanks.

 The vast web of electronic interconnectivity is spinning itself around our lives and making its way into our homes. We’ve already seen sound systems that integrate separate rooms and security that can be armed remotely. Further extensions of these technologies will be showcased at CES 2014. It may very well be that tomorrow’s homes will feature electronically synced, remotely accessible everything. All your base will truly belong to you, at a few taps of the screen or a few voice commands.

 Combine this with the slew of wearable tech expected to debut at the show and you’ve definitely got a recipe for convenience (or laziness). Everything from smart watches, to fitness trackers, to Google Glass competitors will be offered for perusal at the show. It also seems that the companies offering this delicious tech have kept consumer budget in mind and tweaked their price models accordingly – wearable tech is becoming affordable and, trendy or not, that’s something that any tech advocate can get behind.

 Twenty five years ago they would’ve thought you mad for wanting to access the internet from a device in your pocket. Now you’re thought mad for not being able to do so. If we use technology as a marker for the progress of human civilization it’s plain to see that we’ve come quite far with what we can do with electronics. The shape of tomorrow is changing so rapidly that it’s hard not to get excited about what lies in store for us. Rest assured whatever tech that ends up on the market, we’ll be there to help protect it!

Skinomi’s Top 3 Laptops, Tablets, & Smartphone Recommendations for the Holidays!

Hey guys and gals,

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, we thought we’d recommend our top 3 choices in laptops, tablets, and smartphones to those who have no idea what to get the tech-junkie in their lives. So without further ado —-


ASUS Transformer Book T100

  • Price — $399.99
  • This 2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with a 10-inch tablet, is the ultimate gift for any individual seeking the best of both worlds.

    Samsung Chromebook

  • Price — $249.99
  • The Samsung Chromebook is one of the best ultrabooks around. Extremely affordable, sleek and light. This laptop is the perfect fit to any on the go individual whether for business, school, or pleasure.

    Apple MacBook Air

  • 11″ Price — Starting $999.99
  • 13″ Price — Starting $1099.99
  • If you’ve got deep pockets, then get a MacBook Air. Say what you want about Apple, but the MacBook Air is a testament to elegance in design given physical form.


    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

  • Price — $199.99 $169.99
  • If you’re looking for an affordable and quality tablet to take on the go, then the Galaxy Tab 3 is probably the device for you. This medium-specced Android tablet is set at great price point and does everything an iPad can do at half the price!

    Apple iPad Air & Mini

  • iPad Air Price — Starting $499.00
  • iPad Mini Price — Starting $399.00
  • Apple’s newest generation of tablets boasts faster speeds, better displays, and all around improvements to its form factors, weight, and technology. If there’s an Apple fan in your life, they’ll probably want one.

    Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 & 8.9

  • HDX 7 Price — Starting $229.00
  • HDX 8.9 Price — Starting $379.00
  • Amazon brings vast improvements to their tablet line with the introduction of its 3rd generation. 1080p display, lightning speeds, upgraded OS, and improved form factor makes these tablets, in our opinion, the best of this year. If you’re looking for quality tablets at a reasonable price that will give its competition a run for its money, get a Kindle Fire HDX.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • T-Mobile Full Price — $708.00
  • T-Mobile Contract Price — $0 Down
  • AT&T 2-Yr. Contract Price — $299.99
  • Sprint 2-Yr. Contract Price — $249.99
  • Verizon 2-Yr. Contract Price — $299.99
  • Samsung’s third generation Galaxy Note brings a larger display, and all around improvements to performance and design. Proving the old adage of bigger is better, this phablet is one of the most popular devices to date, recently achieving 10,000,000 units in sales.

    HTC One

  • T-Mobile Full Price — $552.00
  • T-Mobile Contract Price — $0 Down
  • AT&T 2-Yr. Contract Price — $199.99
  • Sprint 2-Yr. Contract Price — $149.99
  • Verizon 2-Yr. Contract Price — $149.99
  • The HTC One, is hands down, our pick for the best phone of the year. Nothing else need be said.

    LG Google Nexus 5

  • 16 GB Price — $349.00
  • 32 GB Price — $399.00
  • Google’s latest smartphone under the Nexus brand has been met with resounding praise from pretty much every review outlet. If you’re in the market for the best Android experience currently available, consider a Nexus 5.

    We hope this quick and dirty list of our top devices has helped you guys a bit with deciding what to get that special someone in your life for the holidays. You can also, of course, buy these things for yourself. :P . Happy Holidays everybody and remember to protect these devices with quality skins and screen protectors from Skinomi!

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    Recap #3 – New Spiderman Trailer, Hacking Drones, Airbag Case

    Hey everyone!

    Got 3 interesting things for you today. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.


    If you guys have been paying attention to current events, you’ll recall that Amazon and UPS are planning to roll out a brand new delivery service system utilizing drones. If the dangers of thieves, cats, dogs, and the occasional stray shotgun blast weren’t enough, these two companies may want to re-evaluate the security of this new approach. Samy Kamkar has created a program, code-named SkyHack, which allows any remote drone within Wi-Fi hailing distance to be hijacked. Loaded onto a Raspberry Pi and attached to the Parrot AR.Drone 2, a user could fly around and create an army of robot drones at their beck and call.


    Whether a very elaborate joke or a creative way to advertise their new N series vehicles, Honda has recently announced their intention of creating a smartphone case that will deploy airbags should you drop your device. Known as the Case N, this clunky prototype might be the next tier of protection for those of you with butter fingers.


    The official Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer has been released!!!. Check it out below.

    See you guys next week!

    Another year, another round of Black Friday chaos….

    Greetings, everyone!

    As November gives way to December, another Black Friday has come to an end. Here’s a collection of the madness this shopping weekend has wrought upon humanity!

    In case you were wondering,here’s the cumulative death count since 2006.

    Brawl over a TV at Walmart

    Zombie Horde at a Puerto Rican Walmart

    Get your own!

    A couple WTF?! moments.

    Woman giving birth on Black Friday..

    This dude is ready to defend his right to cheap stuff!

    Is he... dead?

    Once a year… the zombie horde rises…



    Be glad you weren’t there or if you were, tell us about it!

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    Recap #2 – Stuff That Interest Us

    Hi, peeps!

    As promised, we’re back again for this week’s dose of wacky and cool. This week’s theme? Futuristic stuff.


    A taxi cab driver in Hong Kong has taken his fare queuing system to a whole new level by utilizing this almost ridiculous 13 phone setup. While it may seem an impressive amount of devices to us single phone plebs, there is a method to the madness. Redditor, mennonite has insight as to why this setup is actually quite common for cabbies in Hong Kong. Apparently it has a lot to do with efficiency and having the ability to multi-task with different companies.

    I think he needs skins for those devices.


    Kawasaki has recently given birth to one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery in existence! Unveiled at this years Tokyo Motor Show, the Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV, is a bike enthusiast’s wet dream. Sploid has all the details on their site. Go check it out!

    I want one....



    If you ever decide to travel to Tokyo, consider taking a ride on the Space Bus from the future. Codenamed “Star Fighter” by company, Willer Travel, this state of the art vehicle has been designed with all the amenities you would find on any futuristic spaceship. Every cushy seat is provided with an LCD and Joystick for your gaming or piloting needs and with the galaxy being projected on the interior of the roof, the sense of traveling in space is designed to be immersive. As always, space suits are optional. :P

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    Promos and New Releases! — November 15, 2013

    Hello everyone!

    If you didn’t know, today marks the official release date of Apple’s iPad Mini 2 and Sony’s PlayStation 4! So, in conjunction with the release of these two highly anticipated devices, we’re extremely excited to announce the introduction of two new and shiny TechSkin™ Carbon Fiber Full Body options!

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    For a limited of time on Amazon, you’ll be able to grab any of our Skinomi Skins or Screen Protector for these two devices at a greatly reduced price!

    Sony PlayStation 4

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    Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display (2013)

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    Pink TechSkin™ Full Body — $13.95

    Gold TechSkin™ Full Body — $13.95

    Other TechSkin™ Full Body — $13.95

    Have a good weekend everyone! 8)

    As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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    Recap #1 – Stuff That Interest Us

    Hey dudes & dudettes!

    As part of our new initiative to keep you guys up to date on all the informative or humorous on-goings within the tech industry, and as a chance to show a bit of our personality, we’re excited to present a new weekly blog post dedicate to all the things we find interesting.

    So without further ado, here’s our 3 choices for this week. : )


    If you’re like us, you’ve probably had your PS4 pre-ordered since it was first announced. A redditor by the name of Mr_Goose, has taken a picture of what can only be stacks on stacks on stacks of the highly anticipated console. Looks like he works at an Amazon warehouse that’s getting ready to ship on release day. I bet the 3 we’ve ordered is in the back left pallet somewhere. :P


    As part of Russia’s plan to get the populace excited for the upcoming Olympics, they will allow people to ride the Metro for free, provided they do 30 squats in front of their ticket machine. Finally, career squatters will get the chance to show off all that hard earned cake and profit from doing it! Check out this machine in action.


    The geniuses at MIT have developed an amazing Dynamic Shape Display that takes interaction to the next level. Codenamed InFORM, this device allows users to interact with the physical world across distances.

    Tune in next week for more interesting, wacky, or hilarious stuff. :)

    Google+ account and the comment section — Google’s newest change to Youtube

    At the yearly “things we can do to YouTube to annoy everyone” meeting, Google has once again decided to change the way things work at our beloved site. As we have all been made aware by now, when it comes to YouTube, Google seems to have discovered the knack of irritating their user base by implementing changes right when we’ve barely begun to get comfortable with their previous ones.

    The introduction of VEVO, previous layout changes, the “One Channel” redesign, dash play-back, and even the additional mouse clicks needed to change video quality, each new iteration of YouTube have always been met with harsh criticism and strong backlash. So, it doesn’t come as surprise that the newest “update” to their comments section has generated the same intense response. In a not so subtle attempt at increasing its user base for their Google+ services, Google has now made it mandatory for viewers to have a Google+ account to comment on content. Along with this change comes a plethora of bugs that have cropped up since users have been introduced to the new system.

    Here’s just a few in under a minute, courtesy of LittleshyFiM

    As if to corroborate its users’ discontent of the tech giant’s most unpopular move yet, even Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, has broken his 8 year absence, in his first comment ever to ask, “why the fuck do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”

    While the new comment system has generated much hate from its user base, it’s an undeniable fact that YouTube has some of the worst comments in the world. Offensive barbs, trolling, heated debates that end up as personal attacks, and outright general ass-hattery are just a few things your average user will encounter on his daily visit to a video’s comment section.

    Anonymity has its benefits on the internet but it has also led to a much darker discourse between people as the repercussions to deplorable actions have largely gone unpunished. With the requirement of using your real information for a Google+ account, the tech giant hopes the forced transparency will assist in creating a better environment on YouTube and become a deterrent to ill-intentioned comments.

    Update: Seems like you don’t actually have to link your YouTube account to your Google+ account if you’d like to keep your anonymity. However you will still need a Google+ account to comment. At this point it seems like Google is just looking for ways to increase their user base. Lame.